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Welcome to the wonderful world of French Maran Black Cooper chickens! 

Amber Waves is proud to offer exceptional French Maran chickens for sale. Committed to continuing its longstanding tradition of breeding beautiful, conformationally correct chickens, these Black Coopers are perfect as pets and for show. The Amber Waves stock is from the Gene C1, Kevin Jean Line, which is very beautiful and sought after line. 

Whether you are interested in raising French Marans to enjoy or sell their fresh eggs, welcoming them into your life as pets, showing French Marans, or perhaps all of the above, Amber Waves can provide you with top quality birds to get you started (or to add to your growing flock).

Please enjoy the continually updated information about French Maran Black Cooper chickens found on this site. Whether you are new to the breed or have been a fan for years, we are confident you will find some new, exciting French Maran information here. As always, feel free to contact Amber Waves for additional information and to purchase your very own French Maran Black Cooper chickens.




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